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Noel Barker
Noel has been working in a naive style for almost 30 years. Her meticulously painted works display a fertile imagination and a highly developed sense of humour. Although the style is naive, the outcome is sophisticated.
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Columbina Betti
Columbina was born in Italy but has for many years lived and painted in the UK. Her favoured technique uses collage and acrylic paint to achieve her textural effects.
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Bryan Dunleavy
Bryan's paintings reflect an interest in seeking out those calm and tranquil moments in our increasingly driven lives. He uses a variety of subject matter and styles but his interest in colour often pervades the painting.
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Eileen Sey
Eileen was born in the grey granite port of Peterhead on the rugged North East coast of Scotland, within sight and sound of the sea with its contant fogs, gales and pounding waves. The sea and its coastlines continue to fascinate and inspire.
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Jenny Trussell
Jenny lives by the water in a former lock-keeper's cottage which is entirely dependent on natural sources of energy. Water and the natural life that surrounds her inform the themes for her paintings.